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MAR 31 2013

The Schwarma Company – Norwood

It is past 6 pm on a Sunday evening and I’m still so full from lunch at the Schwarma Company in Norwood that I am struggling to sit up to type this. I’m not lying. To be fair to the waitress, she did ask me if I really wanted to order a full portion of chicken kebab. Yes, I did. I was hungry and very excited to tuck into some Middle Eastern delights, and had my eyes glued to the long salad counter where I was to select my five side salads to go with the kebab. Full portion, for sure!

The couple of times that I have been to the Schwarma Company restaurant it has always been extremely busy, and this Sunday was no exception. This is definitely a popular place, and the tables around us were so packed we had to squeeze into our chairs. Normally that kind of thing would annoy me, but at this place it seems perfectly normal – like a bustling Middle Eastern market restaurant. Guests range from tattooed bikers to Muslim family parties. The decor is simple, the service is super friendly, and the food is fabulous.

My chicken kebabs were juicy, the hummus was creamy, the red cabbage salad refreshingly sour, the tomato- and onion salad impeccably diced, and the guacamole just melted away on the tongue. I ordered a side dish of pickles as well; a generous portion of pickled root vegetables, cucumber, olives and peppers, served in a beautiful little ceramic dish. The home made lemonade, served with fresh slices of lemon and mint leaves, was so refreshing I had two glasses in quick succession.

If I wasn’t still so full, I would tuck into the take-away leftovers that I now have in my fridge. I’m going to have to wait an hour or two, I think.

Highly recommended. The Schwarma Company, 71 Grant Avenue, Norwood. /I explore all kinds of eateries from street stalls to fine dining, and my reviews are very subjective. When I go out for a meal I look for great food, good service and a welcoming ambiance. I find restaurants either Highly Recommended/I can’t wait to go back, Recommended/I will go back or Not Recommended/I will not go back.






So good even Bear gets a taste.

Source: www.africanbite.com

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